Ayurveda Treatment For Knee Pain

Ayurvedic treatment is a good option as it rapidly reduces chronic pain, which is caused by the inflammation of joints and surrounding tissues. Knee pain is very common in the people of any age. It is occurred due to an injury to the ligament that holds the two bones in place, cartilage cushion tearing or inflammation of the joints.

Mostly, the base cause of knee pain in older people is due to osteoarthritis. Some bone problems such as osteoporosis, gout or infections can also be the cause. The over use of knee joints in exercise or sports also cause severe pain.

While knee pain the person may also experience

  • Stiffness in joints
  • Swelling around the knee joint
  • Redness
  • Tender and warm skin over the joint
  • Problem in stretching the knee
  • Cracking and crunching noises when moving

According to Ayurveda, osteoarthritis of the knee is Sandhigatavata that means vata situated in sandhi (joints). With the growing age, vata dosha will start making problems such as knee pain. Apart from that, unhealthy diet is also a contributing factor. Pain in joints is also increased by disturbed digestion and metabolism.

Ayurvedic medication and therapies are highly helpful in relieving pain and swelling caused by the knee pain. Ayurveda provides many herbal treatments for pain. These herbs have anti-inflammatory properties without having any side effects. Ayurvedic treatments can be customized as per the patient’s age, lifestyle and health status. It can be discussed by the Ayurvedic doctors while consulting.

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