Free your knees from pain through ayurveda

Knee pain is very common and people of all ages are suffering from the problem very often. Knee pain is occurred because of various reasons which include acute injuries like tearing a ligament, torn cartilage, or some complicated medical problems like arthritis, gout, and infections.

Knee pain can spread all over in the knee or can be restricted to a limited area. Knee pain restricts people physically and needs complete physical assessment of the knee.

Causes for Pain at knees

Knee pain can be caused by:

  • Medical problems such as gout, arthritis, or infection
  • Acute injuries such as ligament torn, dislocation of bone, broken bones, fractures, or meniscal tear
  • Chronic problems such as bursitis, osteoarthritis, tendinitis, and patella syndrome

Treatments for Knee pain

The nature of knee pain can be mild to severe and makes it difficult to walk, run or sit. The other symptoms of knee pain are swelling, redness, and unable to bend the knee. The treatment for minor knee pain needs self-care measures such as physiotherapy and knee braces that help in relieving the pain but some cases may need surgical repair. The treatment of knee pain includes medications, physical therapy, injections, and surgery.

Ayurveda Treatments to solve Knee Pain 

Ayurveda also has good treatment methods to treat knee pain. Ayurveda treatment methods can reduce the pain and swell rapidly and provides a long-term relief. Chronic pain due to inflammation of joints and surrounding tissues can be eliminated by Ayurveda treatment.

Ayurveda therapies and herbal medications are highly supportive in reducing pain and swelling. Ayurveda also provides many herbal treatment options to reduce knee pain.

Ayurveda herbs and oils have anti-inflammatory properties to cure the knee pain without any side effects. Ayurveda oils can easily penetrate into skin layers and provide rapid relief from knee pain.

Agasthya Ayurvedic Medical center, Alleppey has best facilities to analyze the source of knee pain in the affected people. The doctors of Agasthya Ayurveda Medical Center will physically examine the patients to understand their problem and accordingly determine Best suitable Ayurveda treatment for their knee pain.

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