Ayurvedic Treatment for Back Pain in Kerala

Back Pain mainly occur due to reasons such as obesity, herniated discs, chronic constipation, muscle or ligament sprain. It is really an intolerable and sharp pain felt by the patients. Though there are many treatments available Ayurvedic treatment is said to eliminate the root causes.

Ayurvedic treatment is such an ancient and holistic one that treats vata, which is prevalent in back pain. Excellent treatments such as Pathrapotala swedam, kadeevasti, vasthi (Herbal enemas), Dhanyamla dhara and Sneha dhara reduce the level of vata in the body and thus alleviate the severe pain.

Lumbar spondylosis is otherwise called chronic back pain which is treated with ayurvedic natural therapies such as Kizhi, Pizhichil, Panchakarma, Shirodhara, etc.,

Ayurveda Treatment For Back Pain

Kizhi is an ayurvedic therapy in which the heated herbal and medical oils tied in cloth bags are placed on the painful area. Along with this therapy, hand, fingers or palm massage pressure is applied on the affected area. Kizhi is an excellent treatment for lower back pain, joint pain, neck pain and stiffness, fibromyalgia. Applying pressure on the affected parts unblocks the energy by inducing blood circulation through nerves and blood vessels.

Pathrapotala swedam or Elakizhi is a remedial therapy for alleviating strained body parts, muscles. A cloth bag is filled with herbal leaves, dipped in medicated oil is warmed softly will be pressed on the affected part and it gives an immediate effect on back pain.

Pizhichil is treated with warm oil. It is the process of taking a clean cotton cloth, dipping into the warm oil and squeezing the oil on the affected area. This massage is performed in seven positions and no part of the body is left untreated.

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