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Back Pain

Vata prevalence is seen in back pain. Incorrect postures, prolapsed, herniated or swelling of the intervertebral disc, sprain in muscle or ligament, pelvic joint inflammation, prolonged constipation, arthritis of spine etc can cause either a swift or a slow onset of backache. Oral medication and treatments like kadeevasti, Sneha dhara, Dhanyamla dhara, pathrapotala swedam and vasthi (Herbal enemas) aids to lessen the vitiated Vata thereby relieving the pain.


This disease is primarily seen in two forms. When connected with risky toxins or Aama, there may be swelling, fever, heaviness and limited movements in joints. It is called Aamavata (Rheumatoid arthritis). The main line of treatment will be internal medicines to correct digestion and to lessen fever and swelling in joints. Warm fomentation with herbal powder (Kizhi) and medicated wraps are best at this stage.

In chronic arthritis there may not be any fever, activities will be restricted by pain and swelling. This is called sandhivata / osteoarthritis. This is cured with oil massage, certain type of fomentation with herbal powders, oil bath to local part (sneha dhara) and Njavara kizhi.

After evaluating the toxin level in the body, doctor may advise detoxifying Panchakarma therapies such as Virechana or Vasti to eject the toxins from the system followed by internal medicines for a comprehensive recovery. There are other types of diseases linked to joint pain like Gout, Psoriatic arthritis, Rheumatic fever etc. The treatment differs conferring to the signs and symptoms.


Stroke is the word used to define an unexpected loss of function in a portion of the brain. Typically, that loss of function results in difficulty in moving an arm or leg (paralysis). There may be loss of feeling or weird sensations in the same areas. A stroke may also appear with problems involving to sudden loss of speech, blurred vision, and unconsciousness or as a seizure. The loss of brain function is owing to an abrupt drop of the blood supply to a portion of the brain. The reduced blood supply may be owing to obstruction of the blood vessel by thickening and hardening of the vessel wall or rupture of the blood vessel.

At Agasthya, we provide comprehensive and effective treatment for stroke. Our systematic treatment aid in avoiding the inactive muscles from degenerating and the herbal medicines aids in stimulating the circulatory system. Powerful Ayurvedic oils and herbal medicines are used for this. Health is maintained in an individual when the vital energy is kept poised through one’s body. Panchakarma aids to keep arteries healthy and also to keep up the standard blood pressure. Exercises are also recommended according to the condition of the patient. Our therapy stabilize the body’s energy balance and aids in improving the circulatory system. This treatment works powerfully on the mind as well and brings relaxation, thus decreasing the symptoms of stroke.

The method of treatment and the duration differs according to the type of stroke, its seriousness and reasons.

The treatment is very effective for rehabilitation in stroke patients.