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Motor Neuron Disease

These are a collection of advanced disorders that destroy neurons (brain cells) which regulate vital voluntary muscle activity such as speech, walking, breathing, swallowing etc.

Signs and Symptoms

Progressive weakness starting at the extremities linked with degeneration and fasciculation’s, spasticity linked with increased reflex.

In some circumstances, the mixture of these signs can be seen, if the lower motor neuron get affected it’s called progressive muscular atrophy, and if its effects on upper motor neuron, it is called primary lateral sclerosis.

Motor Neuron Disease And Ayurveda

According to Ayurveda, the degenerative conditions affecting the brain are principally owing to the vitiation of vata dosha. This alteration from uniformity is primarily owing to the barrier or obstacle in its sensory and motor activities by other doshas (pitta and kapha) or dushyas like dhatus or malas, leading to the so called disease.

Now the core activity of vata gets congested by kapha dosha, leading to reduced activity, faintness, spasm.

Eliminating the obstruction caused by a particular dosha and conserving the regularity of vata dosha is the chief line of treatment. It can be successfully managed with exact oral medicines and outlying treatment modalities.