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Preventive Measures


Swasthavritta is a special section of Ayurveda that deals with a healthy living methodology. It emphasizes in the code of conduct towards a healthy living. The term swasthamitra means “the regime of abiding in one’s own nature”.

According to Ayurveda our body is considered to be a temple and Ayurveda prescribes the method and way of living to keep that temple free of any ailments and problems. There isn’t any easy path towards living healthy. A balanced diet and exercise is essential for it. Swasthavritra can be seen as the crux of Ayurveda life. It emphasize on the physical, spiritual, moral and personal ways of conduct that a person must ideally follow. Sadyritta is also a method adviced by swasthavritta.

Swasthavritta or the regime of healthy living emphasizes on the following points

  • Daily regime:(Dinacharya) personal hygiene is strictly advised here. Evacuation of urine, stool and proper cleansing of mouth and body by bathing is very essential daily. Eating at proper time, applying medicated oils, taking medicines at proper intervals
  • Seasonal regime (Rithucharya): optimum health ought to be maintained in different seasons.
  • Ethical regime (Sadvritta): ensures the proper conduct in society and on a regular basis. It refrains one from any unethical or criminal activities. Social or emotional traumas should be avoided for a stress free and easy living.


Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Treatment has following benefits :

  •     Increases the digestive capability of the stomach
  •     Increases the metabolic rate of various process of body
  •     Destroys diseases-causing microbes and improves immunity
  •     Increases the physical strength and capability of a person
  •     Increases the mental power and thinking ability
  •     Memory power is enhanced
  •     Prevents the process of aging early

Rejuvenation treatment help to purify your body by eliminating wastes. Rejuvenation Treatment is of two type, one help to maintain the health and the other for disease cure. Rejuvenation improves the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional qualities of the person. There are several kinds of Rejuvenation treatments available depending upon the person’s state.