Sciatica is characterized by radiating pain from low back to lower limb. Pain usually moves down the sciatic nerve, from the lower back to the back of either leg. Sciatica means that a spinal disc has swelled or bulged from its normal position and is infuriating the nerve root in the lower back that links the sciatic nerve.

According to Ayurveda, sciatic pain occurs when the vata, kapha and pitta in the body are out of equilibrium. These exist in the human body in definite proportions and any change in the equilibrium can cause diseases. Ayurvedic treatments for Sciatica focus on bringing the aggravated vata back to the state of balance, and in this way to the state of health. Herbal medicines are given internally and external treatments are likewise done to treat Sciatica. Ayurvedic Panchakarma with the aid of medicated oils is very much useful in getting a relief from the pain of sciatica.

Our treatment aims to give the patient comprehensive relief of the sciatic pain and prevents recurrence of sciatica problems. The treatment is plan of each patient may differ and is directed by the physician. The duration and the type of treatment change according to the severity of the disease. After the treatment, you will be able to take up again your normal lifestyle and can keep your sciatica pain under control.