Psoriasis Cure in Ayurveda

Psoriasis Cure in Ayurveda

Psoriasis is thought to be an immune system and this problem triggers include infections, stress & cold. It is a condition in which skin cells build up and from scales & itchy and leaves dry patches.

In many cases Psoriasis symptoms start or get worse because of a certain event called a trigger. This trigger can be a Infection or Stress, Usually Stress is a common trigger for a Psoriasis flair, it can also make itch worse. This makes managing stress a particularly important skill for those with Psoriasis disease.


Signs & Symptoms of Psoriasis

Dry, thick & raised patches on the skin are the most common sign of Psoriasis. These patches are often covered with a silvery white coating call scale & they tend to itch continuously.


  • The skin will be itchy, cracking & sometimes it bleeds.
  • The discomfort & itching might keep a person awake at night in severe cases. The pain can cause difficulty to perform everyday task.

Types of Psoriasis:-


What is Psoriatic Arthritis?

When Psoriasis affects the joints, it causes a disease known as Psoriatic Arthritis. It’s important to pay attention to your joints while suffering from Psoriasis. It is also possible to get Psoriatic arthritis before Psoriasis, but this is less common.

  • Nails maybe pulled away easily from the nail-beds

Signs of Psoriatic Arthritis

  • The red and inflamed skin
  • A swollen & tender joint especially in a finger or toe
  • Joint’s stiffness & stiffness reduces the activity
  • Heel pain
  • Swelling on the back of your leg, just above your heel
  • In severe cases sausage like appearance in the affected areas of fingers and toes
  • Stiffness in the morning that fades during the day
  • Nail ridges or maybe yellowish orange dis-coloration

Treatment in Ayurveda

Ayurvedic treatment aims to remove scales and stop skin cells from growing so quickly. According to Ayurveda irregular food habits, excessive in take of black gram, yogurt, sour & salted foods, sea food can trigger the pathogenesis. Consumption of alcohol & tobacco acts as a catalyst.



Agasthya Ayurvedic is a best choice in ayurvedic treatment Psoriasis in Kerala, India. The treatment of Ayurveda aims at the body detoxification or toxins elimination from the body fluids. It’s said that Psoriasis is been treated by Panchakarma treatment. These are meant to detox and purify the body. Ayurvedic Vaidya’s believe Psoriasis results from unbalanced vata, kapha & doshas. It is proven that three doshas get relief from toxins, stress & anxiety. We at Agasthya Ayurvedic Medical Centre believe that internal medications, shirodhara & abhyanga is also proven the best Kerala therapy for the Psoriasis.

Some people with Psoriasis and Psoriatic arthritis are cured by effectively reducing stress in their lives and along with you regularly need to be doing:

  • Meditation
  • Exercise
  • Get professional consultation
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