Ayurveda can be Mitigating in the spread of Covid-19?


From the Ayurvedic Point of view covid-19 is a Janapadodhwamsa Vikara (Epidemic Diseases). Janapadodhwamsa is situations were the eniovormental: – air, water, land and season is vitiated, causing a simultaneous Manifestation of a diseases among large population (Epidemic, Destroy Human habitations).

The rapid onset of covid-19 has escalated the world-wide pandemic situation, Creating a Global health and economic crisis. Transmission occurs primarily through Droplet spread or contact routes. Common Symptoms at unset of illness include Fever, cough, myalgia or fatigue, unstable breathing; less common symptoms are sputum production, headache, haemoptysis, and Diarrhoea. Another common symptom can be seen in pneumonia through chest x-ray. Clinical Management of Covid-19 is mainly symptomatic.

Ayurveda Strategic plan for covid-19 In Indiablog2

  • Clinical Trials for ayurvdic formulation against covid-19 to be initiated in Indian and United states.
  • Indian Envoy has said ayurvedic practitioners & Researchers in Indian & USA are planning to initiate to joint clinical trials for ayurveda.
  • Kerala’s Chief Minister had also announced to open the Ayurveda Hospitals and Dispensaries those recovering from the infection will be given therapy to bring them back in Good health.
  • Mean while Niramaya an online portal connecting all Govt ayurveda facility in the state will be rolled out soon.
  • Delhi Institute Cure covid-19 patients with ayurvedic treatment protocol record zero Deaths.

Ayurveda Prospective on Covid-19

  • Therapeutic Intervention concede of 3 components Namely Medicines, Diet an
  • Patient should 1st self quarantine from the first day of symptom.
  • Details of the Medicines Given in 2 stages of the condition :-

Stage 1 – Jwara (Fever) (Day 1 to 13)

Stage 2 – Jwara Mukti (Day 14 to 30)

  • The Regimen that should be followed avoid sleeping during the day (Diva Swapna) keeping awake at night (Ratri Jagarana).

According to Charaka (ayurvedic Vaidya) there are some simple Herbal Remidies, Even though no common Cold Charka says that you should take Sitaopaladi, talisadi, abhrak bhasma and mahasudarashan churna should be taken half tea spoon.

blog3drimageAyurveda helps to control stress level and heart attack during covid-19

  • As ashwagandha is also very good Ayurveda Herbal which is used for common cold & cough & Researchers are also researching for getting a good sign symptom about covid-19 related Positive Result.
  • There’s another way ashwagandha benefits you. Regular consumption of ashwagandha has been found to lower down or control stress and cortisol production in the body and even cut down on inflammation.
  • Anxiety known as Chittodvege in Ayurveda is a result of imbalance of vata, dosha. Each Dosha affects mental health. Aggravated vata creates anxiety, aggravated kapha creates depression and aggravated pitta is marked by anger. Pacification of vata helps in decreasing anxiety.
  • Massage warm sesame oil on your forehead and temples. Abhyanga or full body oil massage before bath is helpful.


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